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AvaTrade General information about the broker company

Forex market is very popular and is actively advertised at every turn. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people desire to try their hand at currency trading. It is important to find a reliable broker, which one day will not disappear with customer investments. In this article, we will talk about AvaTrade general information.


AvaTrade is a company with vast experience in trading on the foreign exchange market, created back in 2006. More than 200 thousand users are registered on the service – they conclude about 3 million transactions per month.

The headquarters of the broker is located in Dublin, the capital of Ireland. In addition, the company has opened offices in the following cities:

  •           Paris
  •           Tokyo
  •           Milan
  •       Sydney

Except for European countries, the broker has received a license to work in Japan, South Africa, Australia, and the Virgin Islands.


For beginners, the broker conducts educational webinars and online courses on the basics of trading. The site also includes:

  •     Full video library
  •          E-book “Forex Trading Strategies”

On the site you can find materials of different levels of complexity, which explain in detail how to work in trading programs, what tools to use in certain situations and much more.In the technical analysis section, the company’s specialists carefully show how to analyze charts correctly and what to look for when opening positions. In addition, the company offers to try your hand at a demo account.

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