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Know How to Play PS4 using your iPhone 8 Plus

Released in September 2017, iPhone 8 Plus was in news for quite some time. If you have the phone and want to use it to play your favourite PS4 games, then be it. iPhones are great for playing games owing to its screen. However, if you want to play the PS4 games and wondering if you could play them on your iOS, you can do that of course. You need to know a few rules and take care of the screen so that excessive play doesn’t ruin the screen quality. Even if it does, you can always opt for iPhone screen repair services. iPhone 8 plus screen repair is quite common. Here we are referring to all the screen repair services. Let us get back to the point and know how to connect PS4 on your iPhone 8 Plus.
You can easily use your iPhone 8 Plus and enjoy the best gaming experience ever. Continue reading this blog and know about those helpful tips.
Setting up the Experience
Well, an experience can happen when two catalysts come together. Here, they are iPhone 8 Plus and PS4 Device. All you need to know if a little knowledge of technologyand you are sorted. First of all, you need to have PS4 Remote Play. As you want to play the game on iPhone 8 Plus, you need to first download if you don’t have it and then finally let the installation begin. After this go to Settings Menu on your iPhone 8 Plus. There, you should be able to choose the Remote Play Connection Settings. When you reach there, click on Enable Remote Play for further steps.
Do you have your PS4 Network settings account? You need this to sign in to the account. This can be done by signing in to PS4 Remote Play app that you had installed earlier. After signing in, you should be able to look for the PS4. For this, you will definitely need the internet. If you find the device, it means the device is added. If not, you need to go to Settings once again. Click on Remote Play Connection Settings and then click on Add Device.
After doing all these, register on the device manually. You will need a code to be entered at this stage. That code will be found after you had selected the option “Add Device”. The app that you had downloaded and installed will now do its job. It will first look for PS4 connected and then after finding, will stream.
Controller Setting
If you are of the opinion that the same controller can be used for playing PS4 on your iPhone 8 Plus, you will be wrong there. DualShock Controllers are meant for playing PS4 on computers. In order to control the game in your iOS device, you can simply use the latest technology of touch screen emulation by Sony. Alternately, you can take the help of MFi controller which is the best alternative for the DualShock controller.
Gamers can play games everywhere and at any time of the day. If this option is provided, there will not be a day when they would be bored. This feature of connecting your PS4 with your iOS is an advantage that many have already availed. If you are still lagging behind, there is no harm in trying now because it is believed, “Better late than never”. There is no experience like gaming when it comes to whiling away your lazy day. What many people do is a compromise on the experience because they have no idea how to connect an iOS device with your PS4.
 It had been an ongoing issue people had been facing.  With this blog, we are sure that many would be able to experience the same PS4 adrenaline rush while playing on their iPhone. Even if the screen size of the iPhone8 Plus is 5.5 inches, the gaming experience is incomparable. It is way better than many phones that have a biggerdisplay. Thanks to Apple and its ever-improvingtechnology that mesmerizes the world. The combination of PS4 games and a smooth usage makes it a surreal way of using a gadget, for that matter, a smartphone.

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