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Best Tips To Third Party Facebook Apps

Many of you may be fans of Facebook and love it on tablets and smartphones. Facebook offers you an excellent platform to keep in touch with your family, friends and relatives, and is the perfect solution to keep you updated. In the recent past, many users have refused to obey the company’s dictatorial dictator forcing users to install the Messenger chat app to continue communicating with others.

Third Party Facebook Apps

Social media enthusiasts deliberately cut off the mobile version of Facebook, the most downloaded worldfree4umovie mobile app on iOS and Android, to show their anger at the biggest social network. Because of Bill Gates’ famous saying, “Whether it’s Google or Apple or free software, we have some great competitors, and that keeps us on our toes.” Competition is everywhere. To fight with the company’s official decision, users started downloading a third-party client software and chatting directly from the dedicated Facebook app.
Check out the article below for the top 5 third-party apps on Facebook for Android that you can find on Google Play and explore a better, memorable and free social media experience.
1. Fast for Facebook
Fast for Facebook is an excellent freeware application for Android to change the look and feel of Facebook’s official mobile app. With more than 7 million downloads through 100,000 comments and still account, the app is the latest addition to the list of apps that manage your account. The application was developed specifically to provide a great and absolute experience. The application allows to browse your FB news entries and take full advantage of online chatting. The application also comes with a social reader feature that helps you organize your friends list and read all the stories from your favorite blogs or newspapers. The application is a complete package that helps you change colors and customize the formatting of posts. It also allows you to use a wide range of features that are not part of the official Facebook app. This lightweight app can be easily downloaded from the Google Play store and comes with the following features:
• Creates your lists of pages and friends
• Optional security PIN for added security
• Get faster access to your feed, notifications, and lists
• Chat with your friends directly
• Optional extra feature Push notifications to keep you about the latest events
• View videos from YouTube and Facebook directly
• Customizable user interface (UI)
2. Friendcaster
Friendcaster comes with a lot of customization options that you will not get in any of your third-party Facebook apps. The application is effective in supporting the theme of not thinking on board, and it gives you more control over the customization of your behavior than Newsfeed. Allowing you to better sync and share content seamlessly to an external application, Friendcaster comes pre-installed with some interesting features to enhance your in-app experience. Friendcaster is a fast, fun and free Android application that focuses on providing a streamlined and beautiful interface with lots of unique features and real payment notifications.
Some exceptional features include:
• Access full news feeds with six pre-installed themes
• Support multiple accounts and basic activities such as commenting, such as, and sharing posts
• Help setting up quick and easy notifications
• “Zip It” feature to hide posts from your feed
• Saved posts allow the user to save favorite posts for later use
• Swipe through photo galleries with slide show
• Enjoy chatting anywhere with threaded messages and chatting
3. Flipster for Facebook
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Flipster for Facebook, a third-party software, is an easy-to-use application that comes with many customization options for font customization, font size and overall appearance. The app allows you to access all pages, groups, events, and saved messages directly. The app offers an excellent alternative to the official Facebook app, providing full access to the most important Facebook features. The application is highly optimized for mobile devices, thus, downloading its notifications, feeding news at a faster pace.
Some of its exciting features are:
• 18 beautiful themes, 30 lines and 6 font sizes
• Designed specifically for mobile device, thus, supports download screens faster
• Do not allow the website to access your private information such as contacts, text messages, e-mail messages, and calendar
• Like posts, comments, and photos
• Download / download photos from albums
• Chat and manage private messages
• Find friends, people, pages, and everything else
• Use over 400 emoji in chat, comments, and posts

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